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"EveryOne is a Masterpiece"

Jens Ritter is a Master Instrument Builder and a builder of high quality boutique bass guitars. His workshop is located in Deidesheim Germany. His business has been operational since the mid 1990's and currently produces sixty to seventy instruments per year.

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Jen Ritter Workshop

About Jens Ritter

Vita Jens Ritter
Jens Ritter is a Master Instrument Maker from Germany. He is specialized in creating absolute highest quality string instruments – handmade works of contemporary art...
Jens Ritter Smithsonian
The Smithsonian Institution acquires "The Eye of Horus" bass guitar made by German master instrument builder Jens Ritter...
Jens Ritter Metropolitain Museam NY
The Metropolitan Museum of Art in new York City starts its new collection of electric bass guitar by acquiring a bass of the German instrument maker Jens Ritter...

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Title: Jens Ritter Instruments
Mfg: Ritter (Jens)
Bass Builder?: Yes
Contact:  Jens Ritter
Phone:  +49/6326/981428
Models:  Roya, Princess Isabella, Jupiter, R8, Okon, Raptor, Cora, Seal, Royal Family, PJS, Monroe
Categories:  [Bass: 4-String] [Bass: 4-String Fretless] [Bass: 5-String] [Bass: 5-String Fretless] [Basses - Unique Designs] [Boutique] [Currently In Production] [Terri-s Cool Picks]
Country:   Germany [de]  Locale: Deidesheim
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